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February 15, 2013

About Rank Tracker SEO software

Need to check search engine rankings on a daily basis? Get Rank Tracker - a push-button solution to day-to-day extensive keyword tracking.Rank Tracker is the kind of SEO software that takes most of the work load off your shoulders and performs routine rank checks quickly and efficiently.Besides, Rank Tracker is a top-performing keyword research tool that incorporates 19 different keyword suggestion mechanisms to provide the most exhaustive list of keywords for the niche you target. And, it does a number of tasks that very few keyword trackers in the industry can do:

  • It tracks rankings in vertical search results, such as News, Images, Videos, Local, etc.
  • It allows one to tweak their language, location and other settings when running a rank check (= you get accurate rankings tailored to a particular tongue/location);
  • It's equipped with advanced search safety mechanisms (such as search engine API support, human emulation feature and others) that let you avoid being blocked by the SEs;
  • It has a built-in proxy manager and provides lists of free proxies one can use for rank checks and other tasks;
  • It's integrated with Google Analytics and lets one get traffic and bounce rates statistics straight from that tool;
  • It supports over 300 search engines, including such exotic ones as Baidu, Naver, Yandex, Seznam and others;
  • It can perform tasks on auto-pilot, whenever required. For instance, you can check rankings, update keyword information or update analytics hands-free;
  • and more.
Besides, Rank Tracker's interface is available in 8 languages and the SEO tool runs on Windows, Linux and Mac X OS.So, what are you waiting for? See how much time and effort you can save yourself with Rank Tracker!Try the Free version - hit the "Download" button on this page now!.

Changes in this version:

- Rank Tracker now lets you edit automatically collected rankings by hand;- You can now pause/resume checks (the already collected data will get cached, which will allow you to restart the check from the last updated keyword);- The number of supported search engines has been revised and is 342.

System requirements:

Java Runtime Environment 1.4+

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