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November 9, 2012

About Rank Tracker SEO software

Tired of keeping track of your rankings by hand? Grab a keyword tracker! When it comes to keyword monitoring software, there's none like Rank Tracker by Link-Assistant.Com! Not only does this SEO tool track your site rankings in 300+ search engines, but also offers unprecedented flexibility of rank checks:

  • You can check rankings in global (.com) or local versions of the search engines (.de, .es, etc.);
  • You can set the location (country, state and city) & the language of your check;
  • You can choose to look for THE BEST keyword rank of your site or for MULTIPLE ranks there may be for the same keyword;
  • You can use proxies to avoid any work interruptions and IP blocks;
  • You can get Rank Tracker to behave like a human during a rank check, that is, to visit the search engines' homepages and/or to pause between queries;
  • You can track competitor ranking side by side with yours;
  • You can see a visual graph of your site rankings progress over time;
  • And more!
Besides, Rank Tracker is equipped with a keyword research module that lets you discover an unlimited number of high-paying keywords to optimize your sites for!The SEO software will even calculate each potential keyword's efficiency index (KEI), based on the number of searches it gets and the amount of competition that exists for it.And, finally, Rank Tracker speaks 8 tongues and will run on Windows, Linux or Mac.Why wait? See what amazing rank tracking capabilities Link-Assistant.Com's Rank Tracker has.Don't delay - give it a try today!.

Changes in this version:

- Now supports the new Bing API keys;- There's now a column in Rank Tracker's workspace where you can see the date when your site's Visits & Bounce rate stats were last checked;- The bug that was causing SEO reports generation has been urgently fixed.

System requirements:

Java Runtime Environment 1.4+

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